Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Goshen Pass Virginia

Untitled – Diane Michaud

As I lay in my quiet desultory dream,
The sun came down with gentle rays and touched
me from within.
It seemed to kindly ask me in monotones of light
From whence I came and if I knew the consequences
of night.
I rose to speak to tell him of the notions in my mind.
To show him how the world could be so quiet and
But as my lips did form to speak my feelings from
He gently passed through my fingers and there was
darkness again.
Sad I was at first to find my friend had slipped
But now I know that his purpose was met and he
had no need to stay.
Someday soon he will return and softly fill the room
and speak to me once again until the sky
Gives birth to moon.