Sunday, November 9, 2008

First Dog

Among the offices president-elect Obama has yet to fill is the special position of 'first dog', and it is my understanding that due to Malia's allergic tendencies they are reviewing the qualifications of 'hypoallergenic' canines. Hypoallergenic aside - the breeds they are considering shed less which has always seemed advantageous. One of the no-shed breeds being considered by the Obamas is the Portuguese Water Dog - a breed that has captured my heart for decades. They are energetic, happy, and above-all fun - but not for the faint of heart. They love water and demand exercise and attention - or they will find some 'work' of their rearranging the furniture......the perfect breed for me - their hair even curls when it gets wet like mine. Unfortunately, due to their high energy levels they are often abandoned - so sad for such a happy, social creature who promises unconditional love. I hope that the Obamas will seriously consider this wonderful water dog!

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Jeff Kopp said...

Portuguese Water Dogs are a wonderful breed. A good friend had one for years and it was my favorite dog ever. Just viewed your "images of nature" and enjoyed them. Looks like you've been on some fine adventures and have the photos to prove it. Thanks for sharing them! Jeff

Thanks for giving my "In Back of Beyond" blog a look. The swing is not in my backyard but recently obtained some plans for building one. Doesn't kiiking look fun? Any yes! I frequently fish from kayaks.