Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dancing With Dolphins & Rockin' to the Crocodile Rock....

Sand Dunes and Stingrays

These Dolphins Were Playing With Us
Awesome Flight Show on the Water
Doing the Crocodile Rock?....Or maybe still Crocodile Tears?  Lucky for me it's an Alligator....
This photo has been cropped to protect the innocent. :)
More (better?) photos to come when I download the other cameras.
Was it fun?
I always have fun when I'm kayaking. :)


heydave said...

Looks like a sweet adventure!

seakayaker said...

I read 'Patty's' fb comment. I agree you spell crazy D-I-A-N-E.
Glad you're evidently back.

rocksandfeathers said...

Hi Heydave -
It was a sweet adventure. Wish I could 'retire' and have everyday to play...but everyday's an adventure anyway, isn't it?

rocksandfeathers said...

Hi Seakayaker,
No crazier than everybody else.