Sunday, April 4, 2010

The (NEW) Red Rock Armada Annual Aquatic Easter Egg Hunt

We were enjoying a beautiful Easter Day Paddle with calm water and good friends.  Then a colored egg appeared in the water.  Soon another egg.  It became obvious that the eggs had been hidden for kayakers to find.  But a kayaking Easter Bunny? 

With the help of my friends I was able to climb from my kayak to investigate a Canada Goose nest....but only white eggs there (we didn't disturb the nest).  We also discovered an eagle in her nest, but she was too high in the trees to play Easter Bunny.  An owl and an osprey swooped overhead but didn't carry any eggs.  :) So the mystery remains unsolved....but, I think my friend JC may be involved.
Happy Easter!


Jeff Kopp said...

Were you the Easter Bunny Diane? The Aquatic Easter egg hunt is a great idea!

rocksandfeathers said...

Hi Jeff,
You been keeping outta trouble?
We never figured out who was playing Easter Bunny...but it's a great idea that I've decided should be repeated!
It's the simple things that count...I think you agree. :)