Sunday, October 31, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

Red Rock Cliffs

View From Elk Rock Bay

Browsing through some photographs taken this weekend and reviewing some other photos taken by another local photographer taken in Central Iowa, I am reminded of Gregory Maguire's musical, 'Wicked'.  Maguire takes the original 'Wizard of Oz' and challenges our preconceived notions about the nature of good and evil.  The story is enlightening, and the musical score generates phenomenal positive energy, especially 'Defying Gravity', and 'For Good' (my favorite). 
What's any of that got to do with photographs of Iowa?  Wicked?  No, not even about:  'there's no place like home'?
Walking the Beach


seakayaker said...

Men can travel the world and never see what's in their own backyard.

rocksandfeathers said...

Well, traveling is good too...! :)