Thursday, June 23, 2011

Flat Tire Saga

The folks at Hell's A-Roarin' Ranch told our friends Scott and Dale where a secluded fox den was located off a dirt road high on a mountain above Gardiner, Montana.  They'd seen the parents and a group of baby fox playing in the area earlier that day.  They also offered information and directions on places where we were likely to find extraordinary wildlife in the early morning hours.  The plan was to be on the mountain top before sunrise with our cameras ready for action.  Indeed, we discovered wolf, bison, deer, pronghorn, elk, eagles, and even a 'grave yard' where bear had left the remains of their prey.  But, we were really interested in photographing the baby animals.  So, farther up the mountain we went past an old mining town and over a questionably stable bridge.  We actually made this trip up the mountain twice as we didn't find the fox den on our first was during the second trip that I noticed a warning on the dashboard panel 'your right front tire is low - add air'.  Okay.  Sure, I'll look at it - when we get to the top of the mountain.  I knew it wasn't good when Linda got out and her first reaction was 'Oh, No!'   Yes - flat.
Hmmm.  How were we going to tell someone our location?  We didn't know our location. 
Fortunately, our cell phones worked, at least intermittently, and we were able to contact Scott and Dale who did know the location and were kind enough to change the tire.  And, guess what?  Just as they arrived so did the baby foxes!  Thanks! 
We owe these guys dinner.

Investigating the Options

Object of Our Attention

Lone Wolf

Dramatic Light at the End of the Day


John Pearson said...

I had a flat tire saga on the Hellroaring Plateau by Red Lodge. Montana in 1977 when Kent and I drove to the top in my VW van. The 4WD jeeps were surprised to see us there! Had three flat tires when we got back to the bottom... and one spare. Good times!

I've enjoyed watching your trip on your blog, thanks for sharing!

John Pearson said...

I forgot to mention recognizing the plants in your photos: Balsamroot and Mountain Sagrebrush - two of my favorites!

rocksandfeathers said...

THREE flat tires! Oh, my! :)

Yes, we had a huge Chevy Tahoe - I have no idea how you could travel those roads in a VW van!
I look forward to hearing this new 'Kent' story.

Thanks too for the plant ID. I kept taking plant photos for later IDs...hoping I could send the ones I couldn't get to you for help. :)