Sunday, September 4, 2011


I love the stone landmarks called Inuksuk.  It seems they are popping up everywhere, but this 'Inuit', as they are popularly called, at Hickory Ridge is especially well constructed.  The top piece is an interesting shape, but I am intrigued by it's unusual color.  This stone structure is still standing at Hickory Ridge despite strong winds on Lake Red Rock this weekend.  I also spied the remnants of several of my old attempts at these stone structures.....I will have to try harder.
Inuit artist and cultural teacher, Peter Irniq, will be in Ames, Iowa this month to discuss and build three of these wonderful rock landmarks.  Inuksuit designate good hunting or fishing, mark trails, and serve as reference points for travelers.....and they are pretty. 


Patty T-B said...

where is he going to build them?

rocksandfeathers said...

Not sure, but he is speaking at ISU this Wednesday.