Monday, January 30, 2012

Warm Winter Winds

Perhaps it is because the wind can be my nemesis or my friend when I am kayaking I am ever aware of the wind.  Wind is uncontainable and follows no one’s rules…..admirable characteristics to my way of thinking.   So, I am perplexed with the magnitude, grandeur and grace of the wind turbine.   There are three that I acknowledge on my daily journeys; the newest are Chinese in design and tapered and exquisite in form.  I’ve been inquiring about the opportunity to experience viewing the world from the top of one.  Imagine being 400 feet in the air with a 200 foot propeller rotating next to you!  Imagine the view!  Imagine the experience if it were especially windy!  Many questions come to mind.  How long does it take to climb that far?  Another question has come to me recently:  What happens if a wind turbine is hit by a tornado……it can’t be good……

                                  I am mesmerized by these behemothic, yet elegant structures.      

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