Saturday, August 20, 2011

Anas Acuta

Anas Acuta.  In a word: playful.  It's got lots of rocker and a lot of the boat is out of the water.  Translation:  I've got to work a lot harder to track straight and get up to the speeds I'm used to.  Flip side:  If I even think about turning, edging, changing lanes - it's there.  First day out I dropped it from the roof of my SUV; second day out I capsized alone on the lake.  Looks like we're going to get along just fine! 

For those who might be wondering - the Force 3 will always be regarded as the lead boat in my fleet.  It's going in for repair and restoration and will be on the water again soon.



DaveO said...

Sweet! When we come down can I stuff myself in your 'Cuta and tip over a time or four? The only other one I've attempted to get in is owned by FivePieceRoy and has more foam than a flat screen TV packing box

rocksandfeathers said...

It will be interesting to see someone your size 'stuff yourself' into the 'Cuta. Better be sure I've got my camera! Seriously, the 'Cuta will be happy to finally have someone roll it to it's finest ability....the current owner/operator is a rookie who's just having fun.