Friday, August 12, 2011

Apostle Islands Sea Caves

                       Jen had no problems - even as the winds kicked up and the storms approached.

                            Lydia was doing cowboy re-entries and two-person rescues in no time.

                                                                      Old and New :)

                                                      Ben's Maiden Voyage - Lake Superior.

                                                                        Faithful Friend.


John Pearson said...

Beautiful! Sorry we missed you on Stockton Island, but a special weather alert about an approaching storm kept us on shore (which turned out to be a false alarm to boot). I also recall that we visited the same places in New Zealand two weeka apart... we need to stop not-meeting like this! I expect we'll see you on Red Rock!

rocksandfeathers said...

Funny! Yes, it's ironic how we keep missing each other. If we're going to keep this up I hope you'll choose somewhere fun/exotic to go next - so I can visit shortly either before or after. :)
Hope we'll see you on Red Rock soon.

DaveO said...

I even missed you as we both wandered around Bayfield after the race. And it just isn't that big of a town. Always a great time on Gitchee Gumee no matter what she decides to throw at us. Hope to see you guys that weekend of 24 Sept if all works out.

rocksandfeathers said...

Dave, missed seeing you! Probably walked past each other - is it possible?
Took the Anas Acuta out for it's maiden voyage today....playful! I think I spent more time paddling vertical than horizontal! Fun, but I need a tighter spray skirt.

DaveO said...

I'm certain I would have recognized you. Got back around 10am and headed for the Egg Toss for breakfast. Will we see your smiling face when we head down 24 September?

rocksandfeathers said...

Count on it! I'm SO looking forward to seeing you all again.